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Picture of the week: South African 25NC 4-8-4
Picture of the week: South African 25NC 4-8-4

This is diamond country, South Africa. Here are the vast plains between Kimberley and Bloemfontain in fact it was like this every where inland in SA.
A class 25NC (non condenser) 4-8-4 is working a freight to Bloemfontain on Monday 17th September 1973. It looks flat country but in fact the train was on a long climb along single line to Olienhoutplaat where it would pass a west bound freight to Kimberley. We had left our camper van on the road just above the train out of view to the left and climbed the hills to the north of the line. It was all steam power at the time of our visit and Bloemfontain and Kimberley had huge allocations of engines which we saw on our visits to the depots.


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