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Picture of the week
Picture of the week

Two photographs to look at. Don’t open the second one yet. The first photograph was not the cab of a steam engine in a museum. I repeat this was not an engine in a museum. Just look at it shine it’s unbelievable. It puts our old Diesel cabs to shame. The next photograph is the engine itself this was an every day working engine and had just been coaled (look at it piled high on the tender) and serviced at Bloemfontain shed before leaving to work back to it’s home town of Kimberley. This is South African Railways 4-8-4 non condensing class 25 3449 “Durban” they were all turned out like this and we know why. These were the giants of the 3 feet 6 inch gauge along with their sister condensing classmates. You will get to see one of these in action.
Sunday 16th September 1973.


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