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Picture of the Week: West Germany
Picture of the Week: West Germany

This is a West German 012 oil burning 3 cylinder 4-6-2 Pacific, these things got thrashed, and they motored. There was no holds barred with these engines. You could here them coming from miles away, I would have loved to have driven one. It must have been full regulator from the very start if the sound was anything to go by. No worries about killing the fireman he just sat there and played with his controls, there was plenty of oil in the tender.
Here we have 012-063 leaving a wonderful oily exhaust over the countryside about 2 miles south of Rheine northern Germany getting well up into the 60s working the 10.37 Norddeich to Munster on Monday 12th October 1970.
Rheine was the main depot in the area with a large allocation of these engines to work all the fast express trains. These engines still had another 5 years of main line work to go which meant they out lived British steam by 7 years. No rush to finish off steam in Germany they had more sense, if it still works use it was there motto. I can still hear it coming in the distance now.


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