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Picture of the Week: 292 Ferradosa Portugal
Picture of the Week: 292 Ferradosa Portugal

Never mind the train look at the spectacular scenery, we are back at Ferradosa in the wild parts of the Duero valley in Portugal. Look closely at the tunnel this had been hewn out of solid rock. The two cracks either side of the large slab above the tunnel could have been cased when explosives had been used in its construction. It looks like it’s about to slide off!

The location and position for this photograph was a master piece and was one hell of a job to get to and even know about! intrepid was the motto here. It was only any good in the morning as the sun moved round later in the day, still we made it. Even with the sun in the right position the thick black smoke created a shadow on the engine and along the train.

It was a bit like the Grand Canyon. Here we have a German Henschal 4-6-0 oil burner 292 working the 06.50 daily mixed train, (passenger and freight) the single coach for passengers is still in the tunnel from Regua to Pochino on the Oporto to Barca De Alva line which continued on into Spain.
Tuesday 8th May 1973.


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