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Picture of the week
Picture of the week

Hi all,
It’s an absolute pea souper at 09.29 am in the morning and here is West German Pacific 012-073 about to leave Lathen with the 08.08 Norddeich to Koln on time. Photography for taking pictures of moving trains was impossible in these conditions and it was just necessary to wait for it to clear.
As an ex train driver I know it was essential in these conditions to know exactly where you were. Unlike driving a road vehicle where you have to reduce speed drastically. When driving a train if your signals are green you travel at line speed and in this drivers case even if you cannot see anything ahead he will be doing 80 MPH with this train relying on his knowledge and the signals. Just imagine trying to find a station, signal or slower speed restriction. Thats when your route knowledge comes into play.
I love this picture as it reminds me of past experiences. How good would you be?
Wednesday 23rd February 1972.

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