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Picture of the Week: Austrian 0-6-2 tank engine 298-56
Picture of the Week: Austrian 0-6-2 tank engine 298-56

A nice black and white photo for a change. This time of the daily freight train from Garsten to Klaus coming through the woods near Summerhubermuhle (what a mouthful) in Austria hauled by 0-6-2 tank engine 298-56 which always seemed to be in excellent condition whenever visiting this line. It took about 30 hours to get here from home, it was always an adventure back then where ever we went. 

It has 4 narrow gauge box wagons in tow on this day and seems to be making light work of it.These were cracking little engines that got along at a fair old pace for a narrow gauge railway.

I like the shape and position of the telegraph poles along side the track and the nice tree, an oak I think behind the engine with the steam filling the branches on this damp autumn day. You could walk for miles on the sleepers along this narrow gauge railway between trains looking for a good photographic spot, no fences to bother you. It’s all so frustrating nowadays in this country trying to find a good location to take photographs.

11th October 1977. 



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