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Picture of the week: German 2-10-2 tank 99-7244
Picture of the week: German 2-10-2 tank 99-7244

A winter theme.

Ex East German metre gauge 2-10-2 tank 99-7244 gets away from Sorge with the 11.02 from Wernigerode to Benneckenstein in the Harz mountains of Germany. This was definitely not a station to get off at when under East German rule as the border with the west was very close by and you were told in no uncertain terms not to do so. The trains ran along side the fence and no mans land for some distance, it was definitely verboten. Besides the look out towers along the border, armed guards with very large dogs patrolled the woodlands and border and made themselves very conspicuous when you were passing by on the train. Luckily those times have passed and here I am getting a photograph I had seen for the taking during previous visits to East Germany but was unable to do so.
This delightful village was a gem for photography, and still is, and this was a perfect winters day for it.
Wednesday 27th February 1991.

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