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Picture of the Week: 052-399
Picture of the Week: 052-399

Thought you might like another winter shot as this years season is drawing to a close although we could still yet have snow!
Here is West German 2-10-0 052-399 working the 11.34 local train from Hof to Lichtenfels, west of Munchberg, high up in the eastern hills near to East Germany. This was taken on our cold weeks expedition to West Germany in 1973 mentioned before. Here we are plodding around in the deep snow getting more and more colder. You may not believe it but this is a colour photograph but very little to show for it. It was a gloomy day with a bighting cold wind blowing, well below freezing and we were very glad to eventually get back to our warm accommodation, say no more.
Saturday 11th February 1973.


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