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Picture of the week: Midford
Picture of the week: Midford

For Somerset and Dorset fans here is Southern West Country class 34041 Wilton and BR Standard 73052 coming off the single line from Bath Junction at Midford with a southbound express for Bournemouth.

The Pacific is carrying the old Somerset and Dorset express head code even though it’s 12 years since nationalisation and change, they just wouldn’t change around here for anyone! The lamps should both be over the buffers. Just look at that wonderful S&DJR signal on the lattice post protecting the route onto the single line, not much room for error if you ran by here! but there was an outer home signal for this situation not to arise.

This very spot is now enclosed by trees and is part of the footpath and cycle way from Bath. Above the BR standard you can see Midford Castle in the trees. The station and signal box at Midford were situated on the single line just behind the train.
September 1960.


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