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Picture of the Week: Garsten
Picture of the Week: Garsten

The Garsten narrow gauge Austria. This line was situated off the standard gauge Enns to Leoben Line south of Linz near the town of Steyr and passed through quiet backwaters as far as Klaus. A daily freight train ran to here but the passenger service from Garsten now terminated at Molln, a small village on the river Steyr, the line followed the river all the way. 0-6-2 tank 298-52 is working the 06.10 from Garsten to Aschach on a perfect morning approaching Neuzig.

My tent can be seen above the right hand tree on the other side of the track, I think I had left my white towel out to dry in the sun, the river Steyr was just beyond in the trees for an early morning wash! Early starts were required at this time of year in these parts, every one is up at the crack of dawn for work. Spent a few days in the area before the line finally closed. A hot day is in prospect.
Tuesday 11th July 1978.


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