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Picture of the Week: Lathen
Picture of the Week: Lathen

West German 3 cylinder oil burning Pacific 012-061. One of Rheine’s long time allocation. (A number of displaced engines from Hamburg Altona depot that were in good order had recent been transferred to replace Rheine’s dwindling stock.) Here it is thrashing along in full cry south of Lathen northern Germany making up lost time with the heavy 08.25 Koln (Cologne) to Norddeich express which it will have worked from Munster. This was before the overhead wires went up which was in progress at the time between Munster and Rheine. It will be doing 70 to 80 along here. We needed a fast shutter speed for this one. Still 2 more years to go before they finally finished work. What ever part of the world steam was still in use was a bonus after 1968. It was all a new enjoyable and rewarding experience to search out and find new countries, their engines and the railways beyond our shores.


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