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Picture of the Week: 61033 At Chesterfield
Picture of the Week: 61033 At Chesterfield

For those from Derbyshire here is Thompson B1 4-6-0 61033 “Dibatag” from York 50A (can anyone tell me what sort of creature a Dibatag is!? I’ll have to Google it) looking a bit worse for wear but steaming well. The only clean thing is the headlamp on the top bracket. Here it is heading south to Nottingham along the Great Central loop around Chesterfield in 1961 before closure, probably June the Lupins are in flower behind the engine . The railway here is now a road! What a great view of the crooked spire of Chesterfield Parish Church and the small spiked tower next to the chimney is the home of the wonderfully named Pomegranate Theatre, still in existence. The Lancashire Derbyshire and East Coast Railway passed over some where in this location, behind the photographer I believe. It never got to Lancashire, Chesterfield Market Place was the furthest west it reached, Pyewipe Junction Lincoln to the east and Beighton Junction to the north. It all then became part of the Great Central Railway in 1907.
I can remember it whenever working up to Sheffield or Masborough as it still went over the Midland main line south of Chesterfield and headed off east towards Langwith on a big high brick viaduct. All gone now.


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