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Picture of the week: 97 0-6-2 tank engines
Picture of the week: 97 0-6-2 tank engines

A wintery scene.

In the distance two 97 0-6-2 rack fitted tank engines, 204 and 208 lift a train of empty iron ore wagons up from the steel works at Donauwitz on their way to Erzberg, a mountain of solid iron ore. This is the Vordernberg Rack Railway, Austria. Monday 2nd February 1971. Here they are about to pass the small village of Vordenberg Markt down in the valley. This was the daily task for these robust rack engines allocated to the Vordernberg depot which was out of sight round the bend in the valley. It was business as usual whatever the weather to keep the steel works in business. The engine cabs were built for the bad conditions and could be completely closed off from the harsh elements and were very comfortable. The weather could get really bad higher up in the mountains where the railway went, the snow on this occasion was very deep, feet not inches up at Prabichal, the main passing place for trains. This is where we would trudge on foot along the track through deep snow later in the day.
It was cold!
Diesels finally took over but it’s all gone now.


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