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Picture of the Week: 012-101 Lathen
Picture of the Week: 012-101 Lathen

This is what the Germans did with steam engines with some useful life left in them, they kept on running them, not like the British who wasted money and scrapped them long before their life time was up. This is 1972 four years after we had hurriedly done away with all of our engines. Here is a West German 3 cylinder oil burning Pacific 012-101 still at work on crack expresses storming along doing well over 70mph having climbed the gradient from Lathen. This engine had recently been transferred from the depot at Hamberg Altona along with others of the class to the depot at Rheine having finally been displaced by new Diesels on the line north from Hamberg to Kiel. This is the 09.22 Norddeich to Munich a journey almost the whole length of the country and this engine will work the train to Munster where an electric loco will take over. At the time this was a very busy line and almost wholly steam traction operated by the depots at Rheine and Emden. It has all since been electrified. I’m up the signal protecting the road crossing to get some height, no line side palisade fencing here.
Monday 21st August 1972.


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