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Picture of the week: 35006
Picture of the week: 35006

A picture taken a few weeks ago of rebuilt Merchant Navy 35006 “Peninsular and Oriental Line” at the Gloucester and Warwickshire Railway steam gala on Saturday 28th May 2016. Here it is having left Cheltenham Race Course and heading for Toddington with the 12.36 departure looking very smart.
I remember seeing these engines tearing through Basingstoke from the Weymouth and Exeter lines coming down from Worting Junction in the early 1960’s the drivers hanging on the whistles as they approached the station at speeds in the 70 to 80’s wheels thumping over the junction to Reading as they went past towards London. It really was something to see and hear.

I went to Basingstoke on three separate days from my Grandparents at Sonning when only 12 years old on my own in 1962. On Tuesday 27th August 31 Pacifics, passed through. On Friday 31st August 30 Pacifics, and on bank holiday Saturday 1st September no less than 62 Pacifics. Including other classes 117 steam engines were seen that day and I still have all those numbers, they just kept coming constantly all day long. Four of the Pacifics 34071,35009, 34090 and 35021 I saw twice in this total as they went up early to London Waterloo and returned later having been serviced at Nine Elms. 35006 was seen on all three days. Only four Diesels were seen, three class 33s and an 08 shunter. Some days spotting!

No picture next week, away on holiday.


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