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Picture of the Week: A3 2582
Picture of the Week: A3 2582

What a fantastic 3/4 rear view of Gresley A3 Pacific 2582 “Sir Hugo” looking absolutely immaculate still right hand drive as well. It must have been one of the first through Doncaster works after the Second World War. It has Just come off the shed at Grantham to work north in August 1946. The fireman and driver are aware of the photographer at work as they look down from the cab. The old boy must be in his sixties and would have started on the footplate sometime around 1896 to 1900. I don’t suppose there was much you could tell him about the job. He probably started work when the first generation of railwaymen were at the end of their careers. A little bit of railway history here. Look how technology had changed during his life time, this was the state of the art in locomotives in this country when the picture was taken. Remind you of anything over your life time?


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