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Picture of the Week: QJ 2911
Picture of the Week: QJ 2911

Here is a Chinese QJ class 2-10-2 2911 heading south away from Zhengzhou at Walibou crossing, you won’t find it on any map! on the main line to Wuhan with a long coal train during a storm that was blowing the dry soil off the surrounding fields and filling the air. If you look into the distance beyond the front of the engine the visibility is beginning to deteriorate. It became much worse as the morning wore on and made it very difficult to breath without cover for your mouth. If the smog didn’t get you the soil did! It was here that I came down with bronchitis from all the air pollution over the previous weeks of travelling through the country. We had passed over the Yellow River just north of Zhenzhou, the river taking it’s name from the colour of the soil mixed in the water. All this vast area near the river being very fertile but prone to erosion.
Sunday 3rd April 1983.


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