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Picture of the week: East Germany 99-1777
Picture of the week: East Germany 99-1777

The East Germans had some really nice locations for a number of Narrow Gauge railways of which some are still in operation in various parts of the country today. Here we are well south of Karl-Marks-Stadt right by the Czechoslovakian border which runs along side the line for most of the way. It was one hell of a place to get to as we were only allowed to stay overnight in Dresden although there were plenty of hotels at the ski resort at Kurort Oberweisental at the end of the line. This meant a really early start at about 05.00 by train out of Dresden.
This is a picture of 2-10-2 tank 99-1777 leaving Cranzhal, the start of the line working the 16.08 to Kurort Oberwiesental which is high up in the Erzgebirge Mountains looking over Czechoslovakia. There was still some snow about when we finally got there the next day. Yes two early starts and much travelling to and from Dresden. The day this photo was taken trains were only going as far as Neudorf some four kilometres up the line due to a derailment.
This is a most delightful railway, the scenery is tremendous for it’s entire length you could just walk for hours and hours and find really nice locations to take photo’s.
There was just over two years to go after this photo was taken before the east west German border came down on November 9th 1989.
Saturday 16th May 1987.

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