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Picture of the Week: Westhouses
Picture of the Week: Westhouses

An interesting view of 18B Westhouses depot on the Erewash between Trent and Clay Cross north of Alfreton. In the shed yard are 8Fs a lone 9F, the cab of a Jinty 0-6-0 tank can also be seen. What must be one of the last 4Fs 0-6-0s in existence at the time with a yellow stripe on it’s cab which meant not to work under the overhead wires south of Crewe.

Saltley had just one left 44057 from a previous large allocation which I got to fire on the tripper to Aldridge before it’s withdrawl.

There are three class 47s in the yard the same colour as the steam stock, grimy and only a few years old if that. On Primrose hill in the distance is the church at Blackwell village south of Tibshelf, and over the hill out of sight is the M1 motorway.

Behind the engines in the yard is the dilapidated coal stage and behind that the signals and signal box at Blackwell East Junction controlling the branch up to Blackwell and New Hucknall collieries Nottinghamshire.

Bits of old coach and van bodies are dotted around used for stores or small mess rooms for the staff, a blue one on the right and one by the building under the water tank by the coal stage.

There had been a locomans lodge here in the past with a notorious tap in the wash room that you hit your head on but that’s another story. All gone now. 

August 1965.

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