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Picture of the week: 043-574 Lathen, West Germany
Picture of the week: 043-574 Lathen, West Germany

A West German class 43 2-10-0 3 cylinder oil burner 043-574 with that deep distinctive 3 cylinder beat they had heads north for Emden docks with a train of loaded coal hoppers, these were big heavy trains and this one is seen between Haren and Lathen on the busy Munster, Rheine, Emden, Norddiech main line. Double heading was quite frequent on these trains. It was relatively flat in this area with very sandy soil, fir trees along with Oak and Silver Birch predominated the countryside with fields of sweet corn, grazing dairy cattle and if you got lucky you might see the local deer wandering across the line. A steam hauled passenger or freight train could be expected to pass by ever 10 minutes, and to see the 012 Pacifics storming along at 80 MPH on heavy express’s was quite a sight, it was very busy. The time is 17.00 in the early evening, it had been dark and grey and raining heavily all day long but the skies finally cleared to give a bright sunny end.
Saturday 17th July 1972.

There will be no pictures for the next 2 weeks, we are away on holiday.


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