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Picture of the Week: Portugal
Picture of the Week: Portugal

This is really remote and wild Portugal along the River Duro. It took 3 days by train to get here from Britain, no cheap flights then.

Oil burning German built Henschel 4-6-0 number 282 slowly crosses the river Duro at Ferradosa with the daily postal train from Oporto to Barca De Alva on the Spanish border one of only 4 trains in this direction for the day. It was a long wait between photographs. Snake country beckons among the rocks in the distant valley. We crossed the bridge on foot to get to the other side, great gaps every where it was a hairy experience with just a single handrail. It was a scrambled among the rocks on the left to gain hight on that side. We spent 2 days here .

The bridge no longer exists as the valley has been dammed down stream and the location is now a huge lake. The railway now runs along the right hand side of the valley. Tuesday 8th May 1973.


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