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Picture of the Week: Ferradosa Portugal 284
Picture of the Week: Ferradosa Portugal 284

This is Portuguese Railways number 284, a 4-6-0 oil burner built by Henschel in the early part of the twentieth century and still going at this time, a grand old machine which looked very much like the British Great Eastern Railway B12 class.

Here it is running along the remote and rugged eastern Duro valley of Portugal working the 09.20 from Porto to Barca de Alva on the Spanish border, seen here near Ferradosa. Note the two big lamps on the front of the engine.

This was one hell of a spot to get to and take this picture, and the journey from home before we got here was no push over either, 3 days travelling. The fast flowing Duro River was down below on the left, no place to slip, definitely not for the faint hearted!
Monday 7th May 1973.


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