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Picture of the Week: 45579 KETTERING
Picture of the Week: 45579 KETTERING

Feast your eyes on those Midland Railway lower quadrant signals! still in use 34 years after the 1923 grouping. Jubilee 5XP 4-6-0 45579 “Punjab” of 14B Kentish Town depot London storms round the bend approaching Kettering with a London St Pancras bound express. Looks like the fireman has the job in hand as he leans out of the cab window, a feather of steam escapes from the safety valve waiting to blow off if the regulator is closed or is the driver blowing the whistle before passing through the station? The main lines are still laid with bull head rail. This is not the sharpest of shots but I would have loved to have been there to see it passing by. But then some of us are old enough to remember them doing just this, in my case at Bromford Bridge station and there is at least four of you who worked on them regularly ! Lucky you.
October 1957.


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