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Picture of the Week: 44576 MILLHOUSES
Picture of the Week: 44576 MILLHOUSES

A Fowler 0-6-0 4F 44576 from 41D Canklow with class 2 passenger head lights on the front comes along the up slow line passing the 8 road depot of 41C Millhouses on the climb out of Sheffield with 7 all red coaches on. There’s lots of nice point work to be seen which would be for engines to gain access to and from the depot along with a wide collection of point rodding alongside the up fast line. A number of engines stand outside the shed in the background but not a single 5XP (Jubilee) in sight, 10 being allocated here at the time along with 4 Royal Scots, they must have been inside having washouts and repairs or out at work but they would soon to be displaced by Crompton class 45 Diesels. 41C would then close. The only large passenger engine in view is a standard class 5 of which there were 4 here. I think the photo was taken from the signal box but I stand corrected.
July 1959.


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