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Picture of the Week: 16R 791 South Africa
Picture of the Week: 16R 791 South Africa

We called into Port Elizabeth to see the last Pacific’s working in South Africa and also spent some time sorting out a puncture to our campervan, in fact it was a shredded tyre that disintegrated if memory serves me right, the roads were terrible. Here is the front end of South African 16R 791 standing at Utienhage depot. This is where these Pacific’s worked too. Every thing looks robust about this engine, Walschaerts valve gear on view large solid cross head and slide bars, note the copper water feed pipe going to the top of boiler and the blue and red colourful steam reverser on the running board, the paint work on it is well worn. On the floor and rails is thick black oil that has dripped from the hundreds of engine that have stood there over time. But the picture was taken to include the semaphore signals in the background. They really make a railway picture some how.

Tuesday 11th September 1973.


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