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LEHRTE LOCO 02/10/1971
LEHRTE LOCO 02/10/1971

Lehrte loco depot west of Braunschweig, what a place, it was like a mini Swindon works with its transverser that moved along the shallow pit in front of us. There was another row of engines behind where I am standing, a buffer is partially in view to my right. The piece of machinery that transports the engines is out of sight. I have only come across one other depot in West Germany that was like this and that was at Saabrucken on our previous visit to the country in the June of 1971, which had two! The place was enormous and packed with engines.
With the exception of a lone flower garland decorating a class 094 0-10-0 tank engine all the other engines are 2-10-0 class 050s. 2nd October 1971.

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