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77-261 at Vienna East 30/06/1972
77-261 at Vienna East 30/06/1972

On 11 Jul 2024, at 19:42, Alan Ledger <> wrote:

Hi all,
A lucky shot of a class 77, 77-261. Pacific tank engine a rare machine with this wheel arrangement indeed as it passes by the depot at Vienna East. The engine is fitted with a Gisele ejector chimney which is very prominent in this side on view. For an Austrian machine it has very clean lines made possible with a very large water tank almost the full length of the engine along side the fire box, boiler and smoke box at the front. For those not in the know a Pacific arrangement is the layout of the wheels. In this case 4 small front bogey wheels, 6 large driving wheels and 2 more small truck wheels at the rear. making it a 4-6-2 wheel arrangement and a tank engine as it has no independent tender, a coal bunker being at the rear behind the cab. Quite a nice machine. There were not many of the class left but they all seemed to be working at the time.
30th June 1972.

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