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Picture of the week: 52 6208 Friestadt Austria
Picture of the week: 52 6208 Friestadt Austria

Here we are in sleepy north east Austria in beautiful rolling countryside away from the mountains. I always liked coming here as we did a lot of walking along the railway finding places to photograph. This is 2-10-0 52 6208 an ex German kriegslok from the second world war working the 16.25 linz to Summerau on the Czechoslovakian border. It was climbing all the way from Linz for the train crew but great going back! The train is formed of 4 wheel coaches and if I remember rightly they were an extremely hard ride. There was a lot of freight using this single line and most were double headed and slow moving. There always seemed to be a train in each passing loop waiting for a path in either direction. Its all electrified now.
Monday 26th June 1972.


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