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Picture of the Week: 01 1010
Picture of the Week: 01 1010

3 cylinder East German Pacific 03-1010 with a full brake application taking place, the smoke off the brake blocks was tremendous on this hot summers evening (which drivers amongst you remembers them from old? happy days, can’t be done now though! TPWS won’t let you) as she storms into Naumberg for the booked stop working the 18.01 Halle to Saalfeld D express. Thick smoke trails behind the engine giving the neds hanging out the windows something to remember. No cinders in the eyes to contend with here, this engine is an oil burner and it got thrashed most of the time and steamed merrily on. It looks ever inch a powerful machine and still is, it’s still going. Managed to catch this train to Saalfeld after a run and a scramble into the last coach. These engines used to work the crack express’s on the main line out of East Berlin to Stralsund on the Baltic sea to the north.
Saturday 14th August 1993.


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