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Emden: Picture of the week
Emden: Picture of the week

Hi all,
Another picture I had long forgotten about. It’s autumn and we are near the sea down by the docks at Emden. A back lit study of West German class 2-10-0 3 cylinder 044 and 2-6-2 023 standing outside around the depot turntable, taken on a damp and very foggy night.

The 044. Glistens with damp from the fog on the cold metal parts. The fog would linger well towards the middle of the next day and even all day if there was no wind to blow it away which made action photography very difficult. An open door is only just visible on the far side giving it an eery feeling.

We had just come from the south east of the country and were making our way home after a visit here and Rheine, before heading for the Hook of Holland and Harwich.

Saturday 10th October 1970.


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