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038-711 Picture of the week
038-711 Picture of the week

Ex Prussian P8 4-6-0 038-711 one of the last remaining three engines still in service at the time this photo was taken, February 1973. These three would be finished for good three months later in May. They were the last of a once 4000 strong class. The German railways gave them a great send off in the May I believe. Here it is seen leaving Freudenstadt with the 14.11 to Hausach which is near to the French border during an afternoon snow storm that is making the snow even deeper after a heavy overnight fall here in the Black Forest of West Germany. As I said in the previous night time photo of 038-039 taken in August 1970 these engines went far and wide on the secondary lines in this area. The depot at Freudenstadt where the photo of 038-039 was taken is hidden behind the exhaust of 038-711, you can just see the top of the depot chimney. To the far right of the picture is the station and some coaches standing in a platform.
We spent a bitter cold week here in Germany seeing these engines at work for the last time, along with 001 Pacifics at Hof on the East German Czech border then to Bebra to see East German Pacifics working into the west and finally to the Rhuer. All by train and no delays at all. It was hard work trudging through the deep snow but well worth it as we got some great photos in these conditions. To keep warm way out in the countryside waiting for trains to come we built high circular snow walls Eskimo fashion and brewed tea in a billy can railwayman fashion on a small gaz stove, madness or what? no wonder my knees ache now. It was cold!
Monday 12th February 1973.


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