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Picture of the Week: 03-2204 AT ARNSDORF
Picture of the Week: 03-2204 AT ARNSDORF

Here we are on one of the Plan Dampfs organised in Germany where the state railways allows for four days preseved German steam engines to work normal service trains in different areas. In this case Dresden and east of. Here are two pictures taken, the first one of East German Pacific 4-6-2 03-2204 seen here storming into Arnsdorf station in the usual fashion with a last minute brake application working the 11.55 Dresden to Gorlitz train number N5111. The second shot is of it at a stand in the platform with the driver looking back down the platform as they wait for the road.
The fireman is building the fire for the next part of the journey and begins to smoke the station out.
2nd May 1994.

Regards Ledg.

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