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Picture of the Week: GWR STAR CLASS 4049
Picture of the Week: GWR STAR CLASS 4049

Star class 4-6-0 Designed by G.J. Churchward in 1907, this engine being built in May 1914.
Here’s Wolverhampton Stafford Roads 4049 Princess Maud about 1950 as it was allocated to Wolverhampton at this time. Seen leaving Swindon loco after it’s last visit to Swindon works for an overhaul looking very smart. It would be withdrawn in July 1953 .

These were the engines that preceded the Castles and good engines they were, standing in for Castles when they were not available. Along side stands Hall class 4-6-0 4912 Berrington Hall and mogul 2-6-0 6391.

New track is being laid in the yard and look at all that sand running along the ground below the rail in front of 4049 and the track between 4049 and 4912. Engine sanders were either being tested or they were struggling to get off the shed. If you look carefully the sanders of 4049 on the middle driving wheel are being used.


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