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Picture of the week: Derby 41121
Picture of the week: Derby 41121

There’s all sorts here. A great shot of Derby loco yard, I can see 2 5x’s (Jubilees), 2 2-10-0 9F’s, 3 jinties including 47346 condenser, a single black 4-6-0 5, 1 Fowler tank, 2 Stanier tanks some 0-6-0 4F’s, a 3F 43553, compound 4-4-0 41121 and of course the building of 4 shed in the background and beyond that on the right Derby loco works.

In the foreground out side the brick built cabin there are small stacks of fishplates bullhead rail chairs and flat bottom rail chairs all neatly placed and alongside is one of the outdoor turntables, the other is in the background with the 2 5X’s and a class 9F and others standing around it. No Cromptons around (class 45’s) yet! but they are not to far away in the future.
March 1960.


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