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French Steam Trains

French and Spanish Railways in the 20th Century

The 20th century witnessed the majestic evolution of French and Spanish railways, where the resounding chug of steam locomotives echoed through picturesque landscapes and historic routes. From the early days of rail travel to the challenges of war and the eventual transition to modernization, the tale of steam railways in France and Spain is a captivating journey through time, technology, and cultural heritage. Pioneering Days: The Birth of French and Spanish Railways The emergence of steam railways in France and

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Picture of the Week: 141 R 22 LE HAUT BANC

On the climb east out of Boulogne we see this American or Canadian built SNCF class R 2-8-2 141R22 running into the small wayside station of Le Haut Banc with the 18.47 Boulogne to Calais. The engine is blowing off furiously after shutting off for the stop. 11th June 1970. Regards Ledg.

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Picture of the week: 231G42 at Boulogne

Here’s one as promised. French 4 cylinder compound 4-6-2 Pacific 231 G 42. 285 were built between 1922 and 1925 for the Paris Lyon and Mediterranean Railway before nationalisation of the railways in France in 1938. Here it is sweeping down the bank at speed from the summit at Kaffiers between Calais and Boulogne with about 500 to 600 tons of train and will be braking very hard (full service brake application! who remembers those?) here for the stop at

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Picture of the Week: Calais

A group of us from work went over to France, our first visit to foreign shores in September 1968 following the end of British steam which had finished only a few months earlier. This was the nearest for us to travel, and before we discovered what was on offer in the rest of Europe. The first time was in the area around Calais and Boulogne to see the last of the K and G class Compound Pacifics (of which a

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