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Chinese Steam Trains

Steam Chronicles: 20th-Century Chinese Steam Railways

The 20th century marked a transformative era for China’s railways, as the rhythmic chugging of steam locomotives echoed through vast landscapes and bustling cities. From the pioneering days of railway construction to the challenges of war and subsequent modernization efforts, the story of Chinese steam railways is a captivating narrative of progress, resilience, and a bygone era. Birth of the Iron Horse in China The introduction of steam locomotives in China dates back to the late 19th century, with the

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Picture of the Week: QJ 2911

Here is a Chinese QJ class 2-10-2 2911 heading south away from Zhengzhou at Walibou crossing, you won’t find it on any map! on the main line to Wuhan with a long coal train during a storm that was blowing the dry soil off the surrounding fields and filling the air. If you look into the distance beyond the front of the engine the visibility is beginning to deteriorate. It became much worse as the morning wore on and made

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