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Picture of the Week: 241P 11 At Le Mans depot Western France

These are engines a group of us from work went to see in their last year of use on the French railway at Le Mans. What imposing engines they were. This was French compounding at it’s zenith. The only engines to surpass them were the U and S class 4-8-4s but these were only built singularly as experiments later and not in larger numbers as was the case with the P class, 35 being built between 1948 and 1952. Their

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Picture of the Week: Austrian 0-6-2 tank engine 298-56

A nice black and white photo for a change. This time of the daily freight train from Garsten to Klaus coming through the woods near Summerhubermuhle (what a mouthful) in Austria hauled by 0-6-2 tank engine 298-56 which always seemed to be in excellent condition whenever visiting this line. It took about 30 hours to get here from home, it was always an adventure back then where ever we went.  It has 4 narrow gauge box wagons in tow on

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